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The technology called “micro-encapsulation” lets you contain any fat soluble active principle inside a “shell” and so protect it from external agents. Our company can produce amounts ranging from lab quantities (1 kg) to 8 tons a day.

Druckfarben microcapsules measure between 1 to 10 my. They are supplied in a water “slurry” or as a powder. You can microencapsulate an active principle to control its emission, to conserve its properties and to protect it from external agents.

 Formaldeide Free

Microencapsulation characteristics:

- increases the life and rationalises emissions of the active principle within.

- protects against hostile atmospheres (heat, acids, ph).

- minimizes losses during processing.


 “Intelligent” Fabrics:

Druckfarben microcapsules, due to dimensions smaller than 10 my and to their resistance to temperatures above 300 degrees, are well suited to special applications such as incorporation into the structures of fabric, yarns, stockings, etc., through padding, depletion, or during later processes such as spraying or industrial washing.

As well as perfumes, it is possible to encapsulate active ingredients such as VITAMIN E, ALOE, GINSENG, ACEROLA, CAFFEINE, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI MOSQUITO AND DEODORIZING AGENTS.


The Paper Industry
donnaprofumo201The paper-making industry has shown considerable interest in Microencapsulation technology for the production of scented papers for notebooks, diaries, toilet paper, gift wrapping paper... Unlike perfume in a free state, which evaporates in a short time (both during the manufacturing of the paper and during packaging and storage in a warehouse), microencapsulation allows the use of smaller quantities of fragrance, conserving the scent, both during production and the handling and storage phases. This is possible given that the microcapsules act as tiny containers, protecting the fragrance from evaporation during the different manufacturing stages. In general, scented microcapsules are inserted during the stage known as “size press", given that they mix perfectly with the paper mill water. The percentage of microencapsulated aromas to be added is determined based on desired aroma intensity. We can provide our own perfumes, as well as microencapsulate those that are already used in a free state.

Softener production
The latest generation of softeners uses microencapsulation to increase the duration of the fragrances present in the fabric softener.
Microcapsules can withstand the high temperatures encountered in the washing machine, as well as the stress of the spinning cycle and drying. When later, the garment treated with the “microencapsulated” softener is ironed, the microcapsules, due to the mechanical force exerted by the iron, will release part of their contents, further perfuming the garment. While the treated garment is in use, other capsule breakages will occur, maintaining the garment scented for days, and not just for one day, as is often the case with regular softeners. Further exposure to the “microencapsulated” softener will only increase the performance of the perfume, given that breaking all the microcapsules contained in a fabric is practically impossible under normal conditions.


Click here to download the technical sheet for water-based microcapsules.
Click here to download the technical sheet for powder-based microcapsules.