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Products for tanneries

Druckfarben srl produces thermoprinting paper rolls for the main leather measuring machines.

We have been providing high quality and reliable solutions for the leather industry for over forty years.

Our thermoprinting papers are specifically designed to meet the needs of measuring machines used in the leather industry. Our decennial experience has allowed us to develop papers that guarantee a precise, sharp and long-lasting marking on hides, allowing an efficient and accurate measurement process.

Our thermoprinting rolls are available in the colours: WHITE-BLACK-GREY/SILVER-ORANGE AND GOLD and in the sizes:
height: 2cm. – 4 cm. – 5 cm. – 5.5 cm. – 6.8 cm. – 8 cm. – 11 cm.
length: 40 meters – 60 meters – 120 meters – 200 meters

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