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The “microencapsulation” technology allows one or more fat-soluble substances to be contained within a microscopic sphere, and to protect them from external agents. Our company is structured to produce laboratory quantities (1 kg) up to 8 tons per day.

We are specialized in the creation of microcapsules with dimensions of a few micrometers and resistant to temperatures above 300 degrees, allowing advanced solutions for the textile and paper production sectors.

Our microcapsules are designed to be integrated into fabric textures, through methods such as fouling, exhaustion, spray, or industrial or domestic washing machines. This process allows the microcapsules to be stably incorporated into the fabric, ensuring a long duration of the desired effect.

Our microcapsules can contain a variety of substances, including essential oils, fragrances, active ingredients, antibacterial agents, anti-odour agents and much more. These substances are encapsulated inside the microcapsules, which act as small protective tanks.

Inserting our microcapsules into fabrics offers several advantages. Unlike a free substance that catalyzes quickly after application, microencapsulation allows it to last over time. Furthermore, it facilitates handling by reducing the danger of the substance contained.
In addition to perfumes, finishing substances are available such as VITAMIN E, ALOE, GINSENG, ACEROLA, CAFFEINE, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI-MOSQUITO, ANTI-ODOUR.

Another feature of our microcapsules is that they are designed to withstand high temperatures, allowing the substances contained to maintain their characteristics without losing their effectiveness.


The latest generation of softeners uses microencapsulation to increase the resistance over time of the fragrances present in the softener.
The microcapsule resists the high temperatures of the washing machine, the stress of the centrifuge and drying. When the garment treated with the “microencapsulated” softener is ironed, the microcapsules, thanks to the mechanical breaking exerted by the iron, will release part of their contents, further perfuming the garment. Furthermore, during use of the garment, further breakage and consequent emission of the contained perfume will be obtained, keeping the fabrics perfumed for days.

Paper industry

The paper industry shows considerable interest in Microencapsulation.
In the production of scented papers, notebooks, diaries, toilet paper, tissue paper, gift wrap…

Unlike free perfume which evaporates in a short time (both during paper production and during packaging and storage in the warehouse), microencapsulation allows the use of a smaller quantity of fragrance, reducing its danger and evaporation in the workplace and maintaining the fragrance over time, both during production and during paper handling and storage.
This is possible as the microcapsules act as tiny containers, protecting the perfume from evaporation during the various stages of processing. The microcapsules can be added in a second phase on the surface as well as during the production of the paper in the stage called “size press”, as they mix perfectly with the paper mill waters. The percentage of microencapsulated aromas that will be added will be decided on the basis of the intensity of the aroma that you want to obtain.
We can supply our own microencapsulated perfumes, as well as your microencapsulated perfumes.









With Druckfarben srl scented coatings, you can create your own scented packaging
We can provide both scented paints and complete and finished packaging according to your needs.


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